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The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) gives all children in participating elementary schools the opportunity to try a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is a fun and creative way to introduce fresh fruit and vegetables as a healthy snack option.  It also introduces students to a variety of produce they may not otherwise sample.



Oklahoma Centennial hospitality students help teach
our elementary kids more about nutrition with these fun videos...

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These are some of the produce items included in this month’s samplings:




Mini Tangerine FFVP/FFVP Mini Tangerine.jpg

Baby Gala Apple

FFVP/FFVP Gala Apple 
FFVP/FFVP Strawberries.jpg Fresh Local Strawberries  Star Fruit

Grapes  FFVP/FFVP Grapes.jpg Jicama  FFVP/FFVP Jicama.jpg
FFVP/FFVP Feijoas.jpg Feijoas Cherries FFVP/FFVP Cherries Trans.jpg


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