Learn about the Ecosystem's Fabulous Food Chains Key Board Challenge Let's Play Wheel of Fitness Learn the Geographic Regions of the USA Math Bingo

October 5-9th

October 12-16th


Learn About the 5 Oceans Fraction Fling Eat Your Rainbow Learn About the Different Planets of our Solar System ABC Slider Puzzle

October 19-23rd

Math Stack Fun Factory- Practice Punctuation & Capitalization Kids Vocabulary with Seasons of the Year The Sentence Song Physical Activities For Kids: Get Active At Home!

October 26-30th

Learn about Syllables Understanding different kinds of shapes Past Tense Verbs Learning nouns and verbs

Orbital Order


November 3-6th 

Learn Roman Numerals Comparing Number Values Learn about the Water Cycle  World Bingo

December 7-11

Adventure Man and The Counting Quest 

Parts of Speech


Spelling Spree

Learn More About Food Groups

Learn About the U.S. States & Capital

January 25 - 29



Brain Trainer

Spelling Practice


Keyboarding Practice

Learn More about Adjectives

Henry and the Sugarbugs


February 8 - 12



Nouns and Verbs

Spelling Spree


Spanish Word Bingo


Fraction Fling

February 22 - 26



Slimezilla vs. The Compound Words

Keyboarding Zoo 2


Spelling Practice

Make a Cake




March 8-12



Parts of Speech

Alphabats - Syllables


Journey to the Past Tense

ABC Slider Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle Creator



March 22-26



Keyboarding Zoo

Word Clouds


Crossword Puzzle Creator

Get in Shape - Geometry

It's Glow Time


March 29 - April 2



Sight Word Bingo

Parts of Speech


Brain Trainer

Gobble Squabble

Make a Robot


April 5 - 9



Math Bingo

Alphabet Bubble


Recipe Remix - Converting Volume

World Bingo

Type a Friendly Letter



April 12 - 16



Candy Pool

Break the Bank - Counting


Math Man

Make a Treehouse

Giant Hamster Run




April 19 - 23



Candy Timbermen

Cup Stacking - Keyboarding



Learn the Skeletal System

Wonders Around the World




April 26 - 30



Money Land

Keyboard Challenge


Secret Message Maker

Submarine Dash

States and Capitals


May 3 - 7



Make a Treehouse

Gravity Run


Owl Planes Typing

Rainbow Stacker

Adding Fractions


May 10 - 14



State Bingo

Make a Robot


Cup Stacking - Keyboarding

School Bus Pickup

Spanish Bingo


May 17 - 21



Rainbow Stacker


Create a Car


Bow and Angle

Typing Rocket

Geography - Puzzle Map


May 24 - 26


Latitude and Longitude


Weird & Watery Alphabet


Symmetree - Symmetry