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       S- Start with Breakfast
       P- Protein Should be Lean
       O- Optimize Hydration
       R- Rest & Recovery
       T- Think Fruit & Vegetables
       S- Snack and Eat Often



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Sports Nutrition.jpegFuel. Without it a car will not get far. If empty, it will not get anywhere. Fuel. Without it our bodies will not get far either. If gasoline is fuel for a vehicle, what is fuel for the human body? Our body breaks the food we eat into energy. Not all gasoline is created equally. We can see this at a gas station with multiple pumps with different grades. The same can be said about the things we eat. Not all foods are created equally. The goal is to eat food that provides high quality energy.

Someone that plays sports needs more energy when compared with someone who does not. Energy is the currency for physical activity. The more active you are the more energy you need. Now think about this: as teenagers get older their bodies require more energy to help them grow. This tells us that a teenage athlete needs to eat enough food every day to make sure their body is growing AND they are meeting the energy demands of their sport(s.) The amount and the quality of food a teenage athlete eats it tied in to the success of that athlete.

The great news is that OKCPS has a Sports Dietitian on staff to help you fuel up for your sport. A Sports Dietitian specializes in applying the latest science on performance nutrition into practical sports nutrition recommendations. This translates to an improvement in performance for competitive and recreational athletes. Our Sports Dietitian has developed an easy to remember acronym to help you get started on fueling your body better. Remember, you may learn what to do and what not to do but it is important to know the reasoning behind why you are doing something. Always fuel with a purpose.

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